Founded in 2017, Korean beauty brand, ROUND LAB, has been consistently providing consumers with skin care products that can alleviate their daily fatigue as its main objective. It is very popular on social media and widely recognised by consumers of all ages.

ROUND LAB uses fresh and high-quality raw materials on the earth to produce skin care products that improve the skin conditions. Through the different ROUND projects, it spreads and conveys those stories people need to know which are of similar sentiments. Please continue to read the stories below.

Project 1 – Dokdo Line

1025 Dokdo series is ROUND LAB’s first project, the theme is based on Dokdo Incident. Not only the seeds of remembering history was spread among the consumers, but it also makes contribution to the Korean society by donating part of the profits to Dokdo School in South Korea.

(Note: Dokdo has always been a fuse of political conflict, caught between South Korea and Japan. In South Korea’s historical documents, it was recorded that on October 25, 1900, the Emperor Gojong of Korea formally incorporated Dokdo into the jurisdiction of Gangwon of South Korea. This particular day was also designated as "Dokdo Day".) 

The first product in Dokdo Line -1025 Dokdo Toner, is rich in minerals from the deep ocean of Ulleungdo Island (area where Dokdo Island belongs). The deepest part can reach up to 1500 meters. The sea water here is very clean after extraction, and it is rich in natural minerals. In addition, the raw materials used in this product series are certified by EWG as green and safe materials. (EWG is a non-profit organization that has been evaluating the safety in cosmetic raw materials, insists on providing accurate information to consumers.)

Dokdo Line is ROUND LAB’s most popular series, the complete set of six products had completed the research, development and went to market in 2018. After that, the set took the pole position on the 2018 sales list of Lalavla (Watson) in South Korea. Moreover, on the annual best cosmetics list in South Korea's most popular professional cosmetics ranking app, "Hwahae", it also took the top spot for three consecutive years.

Project 2 – 365 Line

There is such a group, relatively weak in society - the unmarried mothers and teenagers. And within such a group, due to social pressure, some are not able to use ordinary cosmetics as they like. ROUND LAB try to help this group of people, and the 365 series records their 365 days through the means of cosmetics.

At present, this series of products include two sunscreens, TONE-Up and DERMA RELIEF which are also made of green materials certified by EWG.

DERMA RELIEF is a kind of non-nano pure and physical sunscreen, mainly comprised of specially selected ingredients which has calming effect on the skin, and eliminated all other ingredients that may cause irritation to the skin. The product contains ceramide which helps the skin to achieve the high efficiency of moisture retention effect. The addition of different calming ingredients such as Panthenol, Houttuynia Cordata extract and Centella Asiatica extract, makes this product applicable to sensitive skin as well, and have a gentle but more effective sunscreen effect.

While TONE-UP is a physical and chemical sunscreen that can realise Foundation-Free. It can brighten the skin through the sunscreen itself, and the added calamine, panthenol, allantoin, peach extract and other ingredients help to strengthen the skin protection.

On the other hand, ROUND LAB works with Holden Children's Welfare Association and GFoundation to focus on assisting the unmarried mothers and teenagers, and provide support for their normal life in the society.

Project 3 – Local Line

According to ROUND LAB, many cosmetic brands sourced around the world in order to obtain high-quality raw materials. However, ROUND LAB wants to produce better quality and more meaningful products through studying the unique raw materials grown in various parts of South Korea.

This series of products mainly use Birch Juice, Soybean, Mugwort, these three high-quality materials, to produce skin care products that have enormous beauty benefits such as anti-aging, soothing, brightening and moisturising. 

For ROUND LAB, the existence of these projects is a medium to connect with consumers, and also the basis to the brand’s long vitality. This is also the reason why the founders began to design a series of projects of ROUND LAB.

"We do not want to make a commitment about how large this brand will grow in the coming 5 or 10 years. What we want to do is to be able to convey what we want to say, produce good products, enjoy what we are doing, and let ROUND LAB and consumers coexist together. "